Ladies Auxiliary Executive 

President: Mary Anne Ramirez
Immediate Past President: Alice Fairney
1st Vice President: Gale Kennedy
2nd Vice President:
Treasurer: Gale Kennedy (Acting
Secretary: May Farrell
Chaplain: TBA
Membership: May Farrell
Sports: Connie Maracle
Executive: Ella Cameron

History of Br. 22 Ladies Auxiliary

The charter for the Ladies’ Auxiliary for Royal Canadian Legion Br. 22 was signed on December 1, 1926 with 17 original members. The first executive was formed in 1927. The main purpose of the Ladies Auxiliary was, and still is, to assist our branch and veterans wherever possible. As females were not allowed in the clubroom for many years, the L.A. were very much behind the scenes. They would cook for branch events and the odd catering of a wedding, and run bingos, etc. — anything to help raise funds for the branch and our veterans. When the branch was in dire straights, back in 1997-1998, the L.A.  took over the paying of some of the branch’s bills at that time, (hydro, telephone, gas, and even the occasional beer order), and still managed to make sizeable donations to the branch on a yearly basis, and continue to do so to this date. From the year 2000 to present, Br. 22 L.A. have donated in excess of  $40,000 in cash and various purchases/renovations (i.e.  new stove, new kitchen floor, refrigerator, many items for the kitchen, kitchen back splash and counter, dishwasher, ice machine, and renovations to the top floor kitchen). We also raise enough funds to fully fund our sports program, donate to Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans’ Care, Ontario Charitable Foundation, the bursary program, Sunnybrook Veterans Comfort Fund and recently, the Troop Morale Fund and the “Leave the Streets Behind Fund” set up to assist the many homeless veterans that reside in Ontario, some of which in our own City.
We still manage to cater functions and are always looking for new ways to raise funds for our branch, our veterans and our community.  At present, we have 39 members,  of which only about 12 are physically able to work at our various projects. The L.A. have always had a good working relationship with the branch and are very much appreciated.